Flight School Marketing

Whether your flight school is brand new or long-established, you won’t succeed without a regular flow of hot leads that convert well into new students.

AviationDM specializes in flight school marketing techniques that will carve out space for your brand online, establish your school’s credibility, and use targeted digital marketing techniques to create a steady funnel of new customers.

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Four Ways You Are Losing Students

You and your staff have everything you need to run a top-notch flight school, but all the expert knowledge and expensive equipment in the world mean nothing if you don’t have students. You take care of the training and leave your flight school marketing to us.

Our services are aimed at solving these four common sources of lost business…  

  • Weak Online Presence

    When would-be students search for flight schools online, they are going to shop around just as much as when they are hunting for a plumber. If you aren’t being found, or if you don’t stand out from the competition with a strong brand and raving reviews, customers are going to check out the other schools first.

  • Untargeted Ad Spend

    Google Adwords, Facebook, and other digital platforms can be the perfect source of new students. But, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you could end up spending thousands of dollars advertising to the wrong audiences and never see a single new application.

  • Poor Conversion Rate

    Even if you do get your ad spend right, your return on investment is only as good as your conversion rate. If your website isn’t optimized with strong sales copy and compelling calls-to-action, all that traffic is for naught.

  • Lost Leads

    If an interested student makes it to your website but doesn’t decide to sign up, what are you doing to follow up? Many flight schools fail to capitalize on retargeted ads, email marketing, and other safety nets to keep leads from falling out of your sales funnel.

Aviation Marketing Consultants

Take a look at the interactive map to see how many potential leads you may be missing out on in your state each month
Aviation Digital Marketing Agency Focused on Flight Schools and Helping Clients Generate Leads with Customized Strategies.

We Solve These Problems With Flight School Marketing That Works

Digital Advertising

Compliment your long-term SEO with targeted digital ads that will get your phones ringing as soon as possible with highly qualified flight school leads.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a long-term strategy to get your business ranked high in Google so that the customers who are looking for flight schools in your area find you first.

Website Conversion Optimization

Ensure that your investment in SEO and ad spend doesn’t go to waste by optimizing your website to transform visitors into students.

Email Marketing

Build an email marketing campaign that attracts interested students and builds trust in your brand over time, so that when they’re ready to join, they join your school.

Reputation Management

Ensure your online presence is a good one with reputation management strategies that highlight your school’s successes and establish brand recognition throughout the digital landscape of the flight school industry.


We provide total transparency and 24/7 accessibility to our dashboard that is customized for you. We will also review these items with you on a periodic basis so that everyone stays on the same page.

Start Flight School Marketing The Right Way Today

Don’t let another student search for flight schools online without finding you first. Get in touch with AviationDM today and learn how C can make your school soar to new heights with a strategic approach to flight school marketing.

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